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Lucknow has always been famous for its cultural heritage and the best of food. The warmth, the mannerism, the sophistication of the people are the key cultural traits. They have become the landmark of people’s behavior in many ways. Apart from the culture and its famous chikan embroidery work, Lucknow is extremely famous for its food offering. In a true sense, it’s a foodie’s delight destination. While most people think that it is primarily a non-veggies paradise, Lucknow has loads to offer to suit the taste palate of vegetarians as well.

There is a huge variety of veggie delicacies to look out for in Lucknow. From chole bhature, kachori, chaat, samose, bhooni matar, aloo tikki, khasta – aaloo, makhan malai/bun makhan, veg kebab parantha, basket chaat, golgappas, dahi-jalebi, kulfi and of course the meetha paan. It is really strange and a bit sad that no one talks about these, though these delicacies can give the kebabs and biryanis a good run for their money.

When in Lucknow, don’t miss the famous kachoris served with dry preparation of potato is a great breakfast option which starts getting served since early morning. You may choose to have it at the 2-3 stand tables placed outside the shop or get them packed. But for obvious reasons the taste to have them hot right at the shop is amazing. The famous place to get these is Bajpayee Kachori Bhandar on NK Road in Hazratganj.

The other great option to start the morning in Lucknow is to enjoy the fresh hot jalebis with beaten curd and khasta. They are available round the year and almost all the lanes have a shop serving them early in the morning. The khastas are available with dry preparation of potatoes laced with spices and dry mango powder. A must-have if you are visiting Lucknow as a tourist.

If you want to start light in the morning, opt for bun-Makhan and hot kulhad (mud cup) tea at any tea stall across Lucknow. The homemade white butter served with buns and hot masala tea will make your day.

Don’t miss the chaat in Lucknow that is available in this foodie’s delight destination. From hot aloo tikkis to crispy golgappas, Dahi bade and matar chaat, they are all available in multiple textures and flavors. Tikkis are hot and crisp and served with chutney of your liking. Hot matar chaat is a specialty and you may choose to have it spicy or with moderate taste. Golgappas are crispy and have the option of both sour and sweet water and the taste of both versions is amazing. The famous shop to sample the best chaat in the city is Shukla Chaat bhandar at Hazratganj. It is a small shop bang on the main road and people stand in a queue to savor this lip-smacking street food.

To serve the sweet tooth, relish the Kulfi mainly served with a colorful noodle-like ingredient called faluda. This desi dessert is available in many flavors like saffron, mango, and rose depending on the season. There are newer flavors also available like strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, apart from the regular ones. Even if you are not a big fan of sweets or ice creams, Kulfi Faluda is a must-try at least once when in Lucknow. The best-known shop for Kulfi is Prakash Kulfi in Aminabad.

Paan is another delicacy that is part of the Nawabi culture of Lucknow. It is now considered as part of the cuisine of Lucknow and people are often seen chewing it multiple times a day. Paan or betel leaves have medicinal value as well and were used in ancient times as an alternative to lipsticks. There are many paan stalls across the city and the paan is dressed with amazing ingredients to give a unique taste. Some of the popular paans from Lucknow are Pistai paan, Jafrani paan, Badami paan, Khatta Meetha paan, Palangtor pan and Paid ke paan. This strong aromatic leaf is decorated in multiple amazing ways and is difficult to resist. So, if you happen to be in Lucknow then this surely is a must-try at least once.

Do try out these options for yourself next time you are in Lucknow. The whiff of these delicacies will leave you spellbound and we are sure they will make you come back again to this foodie’s delight destination.


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