Good Pictures makes you an InstaStar!

Going on a holiday? Become an InstaStar; 5 golden rules to achieving InstaGlory!
Taking good pictures is not about good equipment. It’s about spotting the right frame. Take photos on your phone’s own camera. 

Good Pictures Using your phone camera 

Take photos on your phone’s own camera.  This is way better than the app camera although it may seem convenient to take photos using the app. It doesn’t allow you to zoom and it automatically crops all your photos into a square. Many smartphones come with an HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, that allows you to take photos with different pre-set exposures. This is often better than using an app for taking good pictures..

Think square

It’s often difficult to perceive pictures in square format, but now with Instagram making its way into our daily life it seems a routine. For most of us our pictures were either in a landscape or portrait format and followed a set of rules photographers swore by.

Steady hand, like a tripod

The golden rule of any photography is to have a steady hand or a tripod. A lot of us are so excited at getting the right opportunity to click a photo, that we don’t focus enough on ensuring a clear picture. To ensure crisp photos that are free from motion blur, you need have the camera steady and still. Invest in a mini-tripod to place on tables, benches or the floor. The best part about some tripods is that you can also take selfies using remote control timers without worrying about awkward arms getting in the way or the phone toppling over at the last moment.

Check your focus

Many phones despite the best of the cameras don’t have digital zooming qualities and may not get you the clear, sharp pictures you want. If you do want your photos to look sharp, you might need to walk around a bit to get appropriate lighting or get closer to your subject. Light is perhaps the single most important thing in photography. Different types of natural light can produce a wide variety of subject appearances – depending on the time of day, where your camera is pointing and, not to mention, weather.

Composition first

Even if you don’t intend to go by the book, knowing how to frame your photos might help you enhance the impact of the scene. Think possible camera angles, background, symmetry, balance and lighting. Choose the subject right and cut the clutter.

Think possibilities

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get the appropriate lighting – colors can get washed out in excess light or look dull if under-exposed. By boosting the brightness just a tiny bit and increasing contrast by a small fraction, you can instantly make your photos look brighter and crisper.

Clean your camera lens

Last but not the least, this may sound simple, but it’s actually quite important. It’s not something most people think about, but phones can get quite dirty and not wiping your camera lens could be the reason why your photos are looking fuzzy or out of focus. And, in the new normal, sanitizing the phones is equally important and healthy!

Happy Instagraming!


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