Hello Hills!


Hot and humid summers call for a trip to the hills. While the city plains offer bread and butter just for the living, the majestic hills provide food for the mind, body and soul. 


It is said that we must go where we feel most alive. And most of the us can bet that there is no place as enriching and alive as the hills. Hills are magnificent, majestic and mysterious – all at the same time. They have everything to nourish the mind, body and soul. They have something for everyone who wants to break the mundane and have some ‘me’ time, away from the maddening city crowd. Out of all #Indianholidaydestinations, the most #travelled are the #hills.

The ’sun’ to behold

Hills offer some mysterious sights, especially during the sunrise and sunset time. For those who can’t even see the ‘blue’ in the sky, the magnificent sight of the golden hour in the hills can be nothing short of a divine sojourn.

For the ‘greenheart’

Remember the little canvas you painted as a child? A beautiful small hut amidst lush green trees, with the hills in the backdrop! Isn’t it a great idea to relive those memories, and enjoy the fresh and lush green trees, grass and the woods in the hills? Bet you would never regret treating your eyes and soul with all shades of green that the hills offer.

Raindrops for the soul

Experiencing rains in the hills is far more beautiful than the city rains. The fresh raindrops and the magnificent rainbow as a side dish can be more nourishing than any food for the soul. Just go ahead and drench yourself in the drops straight from the God’s den or just sit on the river bank and hear the sound of the waterfall dropping on you or in the riverbed.

A walk in the clouds

Have you ever tried walking on the cloudy meadows or hilly terrains? Try going for nature trails or simple walk in the clouds next time you visit the hills, and you will definitely come back all ready to roll back into the white wool your soul so seeks.

So, get up and get going! Pack your bags and head straight to the place where you get to meet your soul!





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