Hill Destination Chail

A road trip to hill destination Chail,  is often more enthralling than being at the destination itself. But, there can be a better trip where you enjoy both to the hilt!  

The world has changed forever and so have we. In the ever changing scenario, our urge for traveling and exploring new places has not changed much, but has only got deeper after a long uncertain period of being restricted. Fret no more, the world is opening up fast and with due caution. In the current situation and preferred choices, a road trip to a hill destination Chail with close family has emerged as best choice for most travelers.

How to reach

Located off the National Highway-5 and Kandhaghat-Kufri-Chail Road, hill destination Chail is a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh situated at an altitude of 2226 meters above sea level. About a 6-7 hours drive from Delhi. This hill destination Chail is accessible by road transport through bus or cab. Shimla is just 49 kms away and Delhi is at a distance of 350 kms. Jubbar Hati Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 65 kms. The airport is well connected to Delhi and Chandigarh. Kalka is the nearest railway station at a distance of 86 kms. Chandigarh railway station is at a distance of 95 kms and thus Chail is well connected to all major cities in India.

Stop and look

A journey to Chail cannot be complete if you don’t stop for a quick tea break at a hygienic and safe tea shop (You can also consider using your own cup or disposable mugs) or hot parhanthas from Murthal Dabhas. You can get them packed (one person can go and get minimally exposed) and enjoy them on the way or stop a mile later at a scenic spot overlooking a johad (seasonal water body).

With the breakfast and tea sessions done, go for a quick nap or just a gup session. As you move forward and see a long queue of truckers and trucks along the highway, it is time to bow your head and pray at the Nau Gaja peer  near Ambala, as most travellers do on the stretch.

The destination

Today, the destination is more of the place where you stay than just a city. A highest safety standard resort with spared out rooms/ cottages can not only make your stay comfortable but also safe in all ways. Social distancing, in house staff and room service while maintaining all safety protocols  can make your vacation pleasurable but also unwinding, with no fuss about #sanitization.

By the way

The key attractions of Chail are the Chail Sanctuary in Sadhupul, Cricket Ground, highest cricket ground in the world, Chail military School and the Chail Gurudwara. The highest cricket ground and polo ground was constructed in 1893 after levelling the top of the hill.  One can see the Satluj valley, Kasauli and Shimla from the hill top and can also have a magnificent view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges.

Some key activities include hiking, fishing and horse riding at this beautiful tourist destination.

Weather update

Chail is extremely cold in winters and pleasant in summers. During winters the entire place is covered with snow. While the destination can be visited the entire year the flowering season of September to November is apt for all kinds of activities. The drive to Chail is extremely fascinating with clouds travelling with you alongside.

Worth noting!

It is believed that the Maharaja was looking for a summer capital for himself when he was banned by the then British commander Lord Kitchener to enter Shimla. He discovered the little village Chail as the preferred place as it was at a higher place than Shimla and he owned some land there as part of ancestral heritage. However, the spot selected by him faced many hurdles while construction as a sage had meditated there and was buried underneath. Maharaja decided to move to another place and built a temple in the honor of the sage at the very spot. The temple is known as Sidh Baba ka Mandir and is visited and worshipped by many people. The temple is extremely popular because the sage is believed to have the power of fulfilling wishes. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built a spectacular mansion on the Rajgarh Hills which is now a destination resort. The land, cottages, sports and recreational facilities along with orchards surrounding this mansion came under Himachal Tourism in 1972.


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