One for the road!

A road trip is not the safest bet in today time, but also an opportunity to create opportunities of a lifetime. Read on how to have a perfect road trip…

There is something beautiful about our country and road trips. Call it–apparent destiny, wanderlust, the hunger for adventure or just love of being on road and exploring the country. Every day on a road trip feels like a new opportunity to explore a new world and new horizon, like opening a new chapter of a new book. Road trips are a perfect opportunity pointing at random to what you will experience that day, what you will experience in your life. There are apparent benefits of a road trip, including engaging with the locals, with the landscape, in a different and more openhearted way!
While it is tempting to view the road trip as a metaphor for life for many, however, it is more like a fun-house mirror, a way of seeing yourself as you could be. Road trips help one be what you always wanted to be. Here are some benefits that have been experienced over a period of time. 

Benefits of Road Trips

  1. # Live in the moment – The best part about being on a road trip is that you can enjoy the scenery immediately around you without thinking about the scenery in the past or in the future, because you might not ever see the moment again.
  2. #Maintain perspective – When you have 200-300 kilometers to cover up and reach you destination, there’s no point in stressing about a single traffic jam or a blockage. A small jam should not dampen your spirit. Enjoy every moment.
  3. #Open to opportunity – While on a road trip, you should be on a lookout for new opportunities, be it stopping and halting at places that you always wanted to and couldn’t, or stopping over and trying a local delicacy or just interacting with locals and take the road less travelled.
  4. #Be patient – Patience is virtue while on a road trip, you also learn to be more patient while driving with co-passengers, other drivers, toll staff or a service provider en route.
  5. #Put down your phone – Our phones have today become quintessential part of our life. But, we often miss putting our phones down. Road trips provide us the opportunity to put them off for a while and not worry about email or social media updates.
  6. #Capture memoirs of a lifetime – While of a road trip, you can not only live the moment, but also capture pictures and videos they can capture memories that can help you live the moment for the years to me.

Just set out for a road trip and live your dream!

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