Taking a Road Trip

There is no high better than taking control of your wheels and explore the unexplored, that too at your own pace

The American golfer Jimmy Walker once said, “I have a lot of stories to tell because I’ve been down a lot of roads people haven’t been.” There is something about taking a road trip that cannot be explained; it can only be experienced. While train journeys have a character, and flights offer the comfort and convenience, it is only once you’re on the road that you really experience what journey is all about.

With numerous travel restrictions imposed across the country, the only option, and a safer one that doesn’t put a ‘brake’ on your passion for travel, is taking a road trip or in other words “travel by road”. And if you are a real travel freak, road tripping comes almost naturally. It makes you leave behind all your worries and move on to make memories.

Leave behind the baggage (not the bags)

There’s no point in sitting down and pretending like everything is okay. Sometimes it’s not, and it’s great to be able to acknowledge that and do something about it. Sometimes, you just need to be able to clear your head, not think about anything else, and just allow the miles that you travel to enhance your clarity on life. Yes, there is no better way to unwind, and think, and unclog the clutter in your mind, than to move on to the wilderness or on to the road, and get some clarity.

Countryside muse

Cities are wonderful and they’re really fun to explore, but there’s no better travel option than the taking a road trip to countryside. The farms, flora and fauna… are all a great sight to behold. The grass is greener on the other side, but have you ever explored why! Yes, there is something magical about the simplicity and naturalness of the countryside that shouldn’t be given a miss.

Embrace the cultural canvas

In a country like ours, culture changes every 100 miles! Yes, whether it’s visiting a new place for the first time or just stopping for a cup of tea, there are new cultures to be explored within every single corner of a state. As you move ahead on the highway, you continue to experience one culture and another and beyond—experiencing and soaking in the rich and vibrant India.

Highway songs

Road trips are great fun too. With your favourite playlist on, you can sing your lungs out along the highways and feel like a star. There is no one to force stop you, no distractions either. It’s just you and your favourite songs on-the-go!

Penny wise

If you are a travel buff but your wallet is not a great companion, well, then remember it is much cheaper to fill up the gas tank every so often than to fork out money on other ways of getting around. When you don’t have that concern about where the next set of cash for food is going to come from (with highway dhabas there to rescue), then a lot of your stress wiffs away into the highway breeze.


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