Travel Essentials

Whether this is your first trip or you’re a globetrotter, it’s always helpful to have a list of the travel essentials you may want to pack for your vacation

Bookmark this travel packing list or travel essentials  because you’ll want to refer to it as your trip gets closer. It’ll serve as a tool to tell you exactly what to pack, and what to leave.

Bag the right bag

Before you even begin deciding what to pack, it’s important to find a travel bag that’s versatile, lightweight, and big enough to hold all your travel essentials. The most important decision you’ll make is (as far as luggage is concerned) is buying a bag that has an awesome warranty. Travelling with a piece of luggage with a broken wheel, handle, or zipper can be a nightmare! So first thing first – pick the right bag!

Organize you must

If you have planned in advance, you pretty much know where you are heading and what you would be doing. Right? So, organize your bag accordingly. One of the best things you can do when you’re packing for any trip—especially one that requires packing lots of layers—is to use packing organizers. Why spend your time packing and unpacking when you can quickly unpack by sliding your organizers directly into hotel drawers, and pack up quickly, getting seamlessly from one place to the next without having to rearrange your entire bag every time.

Don’t miss the essentials

One must thing on every travel is a toiletry bag that can hold your liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes, and other toiletries. A Satan water resistant zip pouch is the best bet as it minimizes the chances of leakages and is easy to trace from the bag. From your hairbrush, toothbrush, creams, make-up, shampoo sachets, to everything you need on a daily basis, can be easily accommodated in this handy pouch. Besides, make a medicine kit with all your routine and other basic first aid medicines in place.

Documents in hand

While you may forget anything, do not forget a kit of all your essential documents. From passports (if travelling abroad), identity cards, credit and debit cards, etc., to any emergency contact details, you must keep them safe in your hand bag that must surround your back or hand at all times!!


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