Travel? Why not!

Longing to travel? Is safety pulling you back and passion pushing you to take the leap? Well, don’t worry, you are not to the only one facing the dilemma! With waves of pandemic and uncertainty over travel norms, the long for travelling is just getting stronger!

The pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and travel. After almost over a year of staying indoors and signs of the current wave plateauing down, travel souls are once again venturing out, but with caution.

One thing that the pandemic has done is changed the travel rules forever…

Remember those filmy scenes from one your favourite movies that have always inspired you to have road trips? Now is the time to let your heart out! In the current situation where safety is at back of everyone’s mind, road trips are not just the best option to travel, but also the best way to bond with your loved ones. But remember to take your own ride. Drive!!! Take your car as it will not only help you stay safe but will also help you stop by to capture views and explore some of the unexplored!

The safest way to travel during a pandemic is to go solo or small. Keep a safe distance from other people and choose carefully when you step out. Do not eat in crowded areas; prefer taking a takeaway and eat in a nice secluded spot. You can look at taking a holiday with a small group or a bio bubble as it is called. But ensure to keep to yourselves and stay cautious during the entire trip.

While globe-trotting might be high on our bucket list, but this surely doesn’t seem to be the right time…international plan can wait. With prevalent health risks, going local seems to be the best bet. This might be the time to explore the hidden treasures in your own country! Enlist the places that you wanted to be visit and don’t forget to feel that sidewalks that can offer some of the best experiences.

At a time when everything seems to be moving online, the integration of online and offline seamlessly has offered us a new way of living. This might best time to book everything online from hotels, tours, activities etc., well in advance or before venturing out. This way, one can reduce physical interaction and maintain safe distance. This will help you be safe and also the hospitality staff stay safe.

Travel tips to safety

• Keep washing/sanitizing your hands if you touch anything in public places
• Wear a mask every time you step out
• Carry your own food and beverages whenever possible; you can stock your car boot with snacks and water
• Do not eat in crowded restaurants or on the street
• Use eco-friendly, disposable cutlery
• Stay indoors if you feel even slightly unwell during the journey
• Take care of others’ safety as well


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