Travelling with Kids!

Do you remember your first trip with your kids? Or, travelling with kids in the family?

While travelling with kids is fun and memorable, it can be challenging at the same time. Kids always tend to keep the parents on their toes. So, before heading on to a trip or vacation with children, one must carefully plan all the travel related logistics.  From food, to travel, to destination, and everything else, a complete list of what-to-do and what-not-to-do must be laid out!

The first thing that one needs to focus on while choosing a destination is what is there for kids. Depending on the age group of children you need to decide on the destination. The next thing is journey duration. If the kids are very small or not too big then your journey shouldn’t be very long as it may get difficult for them to sit through a long journey. One must surely carry a lot of distractions for the kids depending on their interest area, en-route. Like story books, ipad/tablets with games or movies of their choice, some cheap toys or games which can keep the kids occupied through the journey.

Book a decent hotel or resort which has spacious rooms, clean toilets, kid’s activity areas, good food options to keep the kids happy and make them enjoy their vacations. This is particularly in case of toddlers and under teen kids. In case of slightly older kids the destination can be decided keeping their likes and dislikes in mind. If you are on a weekend getaway then you may choose to carry few outdoor games which you can play there, as one misses to indulge in these activities in busy city life. Taking loads of pictures and at times in local attires can also be a fun and engaging activity for the kids. Depending on the location you can choose to carry swimwear, sunscreen lotion, hat, etc. But don’t forget to carry a sturdy pair of footwear both for yourself and the kids. Since carrying a stroller can be taxing one can choose to carry kid’s string pack.

One should never forget to carry few essential medicines while travelling with kids, as you may never know what need may crop up at any given time, Things like mosquito repellent cream/lotion, band aid, cotton, medicine for diarrhoea, fever should surely be a part of the medical kit. It is advisable to meet your doctor before embarking on the trip to check on any other essential medicine your child may require in that weather and it is best to carry the medical prescription along. For infants, one must carry disposable nappies, wet wipes, infant formula milk, nappy rash cream, extra bottles and a bottle sterilizer is a must have.  To avoid any extreme weather conditions for your children it is good to take a look at the climate charts around your travel dates. It will prevent your child from unnecessary risk.

At the end of the day vacations are for fun and exposing your kids to the varied climates, extravagant natural beauty, varied culture and cuisines can help in the overall development of the child.


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