Work from Anywhere

Smart work has got a new meaning, thanks to COVID-19 induced Work from Anywhere….

The COVID-19 pandemic did not only change global economies and healthcare systems, but also changed the way workplaces were meant to be. This time of change is creating not just a new normal, but a new world, “Work from Anywhere” which is currently still defining how we will return to work, and how we engage with our employees and business partners.

The physical office space is no longer the only place where work is supposed to happen. As soon as the pandemic struck, organisations quickly transformed themselves and adapted to the work-from-home model in no time. And as things started to settle down a little more, the hybrid work model, which is a combination of work from home and office goers, came into being. And while organisations are experimenting with what might work the best for them, the latest model of ‘work from anywhere’ has also become a popular option.

So, if you get the option of working from anywhere, how would you make the best out of it? How about travelling to a scenic location and spending your work hours doing what you are supposed to do and the rest of the hours exploring nature? Yes, you have got it right! This is what your usual work day could look like if you decide to fulfil your travelling dreams without compromising on your work.

And if you do a little bit of more research, you would come across multiple resorts and hotels nearby to head to in case you want to live your dream of working while you travel. These beautiful locations are all set to welcome working professionals with the best of amenities and facilities to help them work in peace and then spend the rest of their time exploring what nature has to offer, be it the hills, historical monuments or the forests.

If you have been tired of shifting your work from one room to the other at home, struggling to find that peace of mind and also getting bored of this monotonous life, this might just be the right thing for you to do this new year! After all, who had ever imagined that the global crisis could actually give us these little joys in life to sail through these tough times. So, pack your bags and your laptop, and head to any of these exquisite resorts which are a short drive from where you live. There couldn’t have been a better opportunity for you to work smart along with living your dream of travelling! The saying, ‘”kill two birds with one stone”, couldn’t have been truer than this!





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