Work from Home

Missing office friends and casual conversations? Reclaim them… even without going to office!

We have been missing a lot of things in the new normal and one thing that most us miss are office days and those hours of being together! But all said and done, there’s little that can done get those days back as many organizations continue to offer work from home (WFH) and many also considering hybrid models in the days to come. If you still want to recapture some of those moments, just travel and work from a remote location with friends in small groups…relive those office moments! 

Dress to kill

You might be dressing up for the virtual meetings during your work from home, but all of know the realty that the mix-n-match of the formal and casual has deprived many the feeling of dressing up, especially the head turners that every organization has. If you too have been missing that charm of dressing up, get going with your friends, create an office like setup and dress as you would want to. Trust us the feel ling will be far better than the way you felt last time you dressed for office.

Cool conversations

Everyone has had and relished those water cooler conversations on the office floors, from making average Joe on the street the US president to criticizing the government policy to state of affairs in the country, to casual family conversations, we have discussed them all. And, we have all been missing them despite being connected virtually. Those impromptu conversations that have helped us gather enough food for thought and let your heart out. They have also been very thought provoking at times…that we feel the void even today!

Chai-toast sessions

Miss having meals together and mouth-watering delicacies that your colleagues specialised in. Or the chai sessions and sharing the cookies with even some of the ‘toughest cookies’ in office to the joy of having to grab goodie from one of the most miser colleague or team mate. The chai sessions that were spent discussing what you could have with chai or making arrangements to get some of the favourite pakoras. Get together and enjoy some savory to create some sweet memories!

Gossips’ good

Research has shown that gossip done right and meaning harmless gossip, helps one relieve a lot of stress and helps develop a lighter feeling. The gup-shup sessions ranging from office work to critical assessment of peers, we have all loved them and miss them. It’s time to catch up with some gossip that makes you feel good one again!


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