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Five things to watch out while choosing the destination/hotel/resort you plan to stay at during your times as a work nomad…

Covid 19 might have had many minuses, but one plus it has given us, is the liberty to be a work nomad—the freedom to work from a place of our choice! But while being a work nomad is fun, choosing the right and safe place, which is not harsh on our pockets too, can be a daunting task!

Finding the perfect destination/accommodation is crucial for any work nomad, as this place you temporarily call home is the only thing that will give you a sense of comfort and a chance to relax and unwind after a long day, and also while at work. So, here are some tips for finding the best place to live the best work nomad lifestyle:

Money matters

When you want to travel, budget is the first thing that must be considered. Start by setting an ideal figure you’d like to pay, and then add a stretch budget to that sum. When searching for your ideal place/accommodation, keep the budget figure in mind; add a scope of additional 20% expenses for hidden costs, and select accordingly.

Map the best location

As a work nomad, you might want to travel for a couple of days, weekend, or even a month or two at a stretch; so, it’s always best to look for locations/destinations that are ideal local places with basic amenities not too far away. The place should be comfortable, closer to the nature (if you want a break from the mad rush of the city life), and yet should not be completely disconnected from the important daily needs.

Take guidance from travel experts

While there hundreds of websites and apps that offer great travel advice and suggestions, you must take consultation or advice from real experienced nomads/travel freaks who can give you real-time suggestion on not just places but other factors that are must to be considered while moving ahead to be a work nomad, especially for a long duration.

You can always search through Facebook groups or local real estate listings for recommendations on the best locations and the most affordable accommodation in the destination of your choice.

A Home away from home

Covid-19 has impacted the travel and tourism industry like never before. But now, with lockdown and travel restrictions easing out, hotels, hostels, rent-in studios/apartments, co-living spaces are giving out great deals and discounts to encourage people to travel. Be it for leisure or work (encouraging the concept of work-from-anywhere concept), these offer enough privacy and peace for remote working, and are suited for extended stays as well. These provide enough peace and quiet to work, while being cozy and comfortable, and having all the necessary amenities you might need as a work nomad.

Stay connected, all the time

Regardless of where you go and how long you stay, having excellent Wi-Fi is an absolute MUST when living a work nomad lifestyle. A reliable and fast internet connection must be ensured to work from anywhere, anytime. It will not only help you to stay connected with office and work, but will also allow you to stay in touch with friends and family at home.

One tip: Even if you know that the place you have chosen has best internet connections, make sure you carry your own internet dongle (preferably from a local operator) to ensure there are no hiccups.




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